10 Tips for Your Yard

Keeping a yard looking pretty and well-kept is easy if you just follow a few basic steps. Here we’ll teach you how to do it.

First, the ground. Cleaning and maintaining the ground is basic and essential to enjoying your garden. If you’re in Texas, but are one that doesn’t love to mow, etc., considering calling for a lawn care estimate Burleson TX.

Second, the air. Your yard or garden should be an airy, spacious place. Open, where you can breathe, and the plants can grow without issues. If there isn’t enough ventilation, fungi can begin to grow.

Third, space. If you plant your trees too close together, they will never reach their full height. They may grow to be malformed or more prone to diseases.

Fourth, insects. It’s fundamental to control insect plagues and bacteria that attack plants, using repellents or insecticides or natural remedies.

Fifth, fertilizer. Fertilizing the garden is a basic step in keeping the yard nice. You should keep in mind that the more plants you have, more fertilizer is needed, and more frequently. You should fertilize in spring and summer, not fall or winter.

Sixth, weeds. It’s important to get rid of unwanted plants and weeds, as well as plants that are growing where they shouldn’t. It will make everything look better, cleaner, and the plants you actually want there will prosper.

Seventh, watering. Not only is it vital to water, but doing it with caution is important. You don’t want the garden to be too wet or they plants may rot. And, it’s good to know that the best way to water is through watering hoses buried in the ground. Water seeps out little by little, and the plant can absorb it easily. It also damages less.

Eighth, planting bulbs. It’s good to know the basics of bulb planting and only do so when it’s the correct season for each plant bulb. You’ll have to do a little research because not all bulbs are equal.

Ninth, pruning. Just as important as planting, we should know when each plan needs to be pruned. Bushes that flower from the end of winder until spring should be pruned after they bud, while plants that bud from end of spring or in summer should be pruned in the winter.

And, tenth, combining plants. This is probably the favorite part of all gardeners – creating a garden with complimenting colors and textures.