Read these words; no more lost luggage; ever

This short, informational article should prove to be nothing short of encouraging for readers. This is because the readers are travelers of note. But they have one problem. They travel a lot. No, that is not the problem, although it has been suggested that private and business travelers across the world should drastically reduce their airborne hours to help reduce the carbon footprint which is still very much out of kilter where global warming and climate change is concerned.

The problem for these travelers is simply this. Their luggage keeps on getting lost. This is a consequence of occupying overcrowded terminals. Major terminals across the world are holding long queues of people who wait patiently, or otherwise, for their overdue flights. In many cases, particularly where inclement winter weather is prevalent, flights are canceled. The inclement weather, it has been argued by climatologists and scientists are partially the consequence of global warming.

But the good news for traveling readers, perhaps reading this from their tablets or mobiles while waiting for their flights, is that lost luggage is just about a thing of the past. To find out more on the innovations that are making this incredible feat possible, readers can click here and learn more. In this case, they will be reading about technological innovations being made from a most unlikely source. Already in practice, these travel innovations are no longer just a novelty for both travelers and their service providers.

In this case, the service provider is none other than Walt Disney Inc. Who would have thought? Two concepts already in practice are called Magic Bands and Fast Pass Plus. While luggage is secured, other conveniences such as ordering hotel room meals and making ground level travel bookings are fast-tracked.